Dear Partners, 

We are delighted to offer you a network of our experts. 

Turkuaz Machinery sees working with the customers during the warranty and post-warranty periods as the most important aspect of partnership.

Service support provided by Turkuaz Machinery through its own network of after-sales service specialists ensures prompt and efficient service all across Kazakhstan. Own warehouse of genuine parts and highly trained specialists allow us to work faster and better. Every year service center employees undergo certifications by manufacturers.

Our mobile teams ensure a tailored approach to each customer and prompt response to ‘in-warranty’ breakdowns of specialized equipment.

Genuine parts and consumables provided by Turkuaz Machinery ensure full compatibility and extended longevity of the machinery.

What we offer:

  • Commissioning;
  • Pre-sale preparation of machinery;
  • Diagnostics, maintenance of all special machinery, in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs;
  • Supply and installation of auxiliary equipment, genuine parts and consumables;
  • Mobile teams consisting of technical specialists;
  • Prompt response and fast delivery of parts.

Our advantages:

  • Own warehouses for machinery and genuine spare parts
  • Well-equipped service base
  • Developed regional footprint and network of maintenance centers
  • Qualified technical staff
  • High quality and prompt response




Genuine Doosan parts best suited for Doosan equipment improve performance of the machinery and reduce costs through fuel efficiency.


Genuine Doosan parts feature excellent quality. They guarantee the continuous and stable operation of Doosan equipment at the highest level.

DoosanCARE Maintenance

Genuine parts from Doosan are accompanied by regular comprehensive service carefully planned based on the company’s philosophy of trust, commitment and long-term partnership.


Genuine Doosan parts are only available through authorized Doosan dealers. Top-class professionals trained and certified by Doosan share their knowledge on how to use parts correctly with every customer.


Doosan ensures the fast and reliable supply of genuine Doosan parts worldwide through its global network of part supply centers.


Parts and services are always tightly related. Using genuine Doosan parts together with systematic support from the company through its officially certified service programs is the most efficient and cost-effective solution.


Doosan ensures the fast and reliable supply of genuine Doosan parts worldwide through its global network of part supply centers.