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 Detroit Diesel
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Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks
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Turkuaz Machinery has signed Distribution Agreement with Powerscreen which is a leading developer and manufacturer of mobile crushing, screening, sizing.
Long Term Distributor Agreement for Kazakhstan Almaty, Kazakhstan: 17th August 2015 Turkuaz Machinery Ltd. and Goodyear Russia LLC are...
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USD - 334.11
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RUR - 5.81

Detroit Diesel

Detroid Diesel Detroit Diesel   Logo-64 

Few engine manufacturers have the history of Detroit Diesel. Their engines have been powering the world for almost a century. Detroit Diesel engines are used in a wide range of applications. Most popular of them are: mining, construction, railway, shipbuilding, trucks, gensets, etc. Detroit Diesel engines are engineered to work for Detroit Diesel engine is designed for long life operation, economical life cycle and it is one of the most reliable engines in the world.


MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy Diesel and Gas-piston Generator Sets


MTU Onsite Energy is a manufacturer of diesel and gas-piston generator sets with world-wide knows MTU engine. The gensets are assembled in Germany. From mission-critical to everyday backup/standby power,MTU Onsite Energy provides reliable diesel power generation solutions wherever—and whenever—reliability is needed. Our diesel generator sets deliver refined power required by sensitive computer networks, while accommodating the high transient loads of air conditioners, compressors and other vital equipment. Whether it is backup power for refrigeration and hotels or uninterruptible power for data centers and hospitals, MTU Onsite Energy is trusted all over the world. With MTU engines, engineered for exceptional load acceptance capability and low vibration, MTU Onsite Energy generator sets are ideal for use in sensitive environments, as well as under extreme conditions. With decades of expertise, MTU Onsite Energy offers dependable solutions for emergency standby and prime power applications. In standby use, our generator sets keep power flowing seamlessly in the event of utility failure. When used for prime power, MTU Onsite Energy generator sets are scalable to fit a wide range of applications.

1) Salih Sever: +7 701 722 1262
2) Kuanysh Lekerov: +7 701 9719535
3) Office: +7 (727) 345 44 44 (5405)



Engines MTU

MTU     Logo-25 

MTU was found more than 100 years ago. It was found by the greatest 20th century engineers - Wilhelm Maybach, who has created Mercedec Benz automobile. Applications of MTU engines are: shipbuilding, railways, construction, mining, agriculture, defense, power plants, etc. For optimum performance, MTU engines are engineered for outstanding one-step load acceptance capacities. This means the unit can quickly supply the required power and, as a result, can be used for even the most demanding applications. A maintenance-friendly engine design minimizes downtime and guarantees the maximum availability. Because of their rigid structure, MTU engines run smoothly and with a minimal amount of vibration. Their excellent vibration characteristics make them extremely versatile and ideal for use in sensitive environments as well as under extreme conditions. MTU engines have low fuel consumption and maintenance costs. This contributes to the low lifecycle cost of the generator set, making MTU Onsite Energy a smart financial choice.

1) Salih Sever: +7 701 722 1262
2) Kuanysh Lekerov: +7 701 9719535
3) Office: +7 (727) 345 44 44 (5405)