Toll-free number for Kazakhstan
General issues
8 800 080 51 52
8 800 080 51 53

Specific nature of our customers’ businesses such as large extracting, construction and industrial companies poses special requirements to the service level. Turkuaz Machinery implements an integrated approach allowing customers to choose the equipment corresponding to their business requirements with the guarantee to have required spare parts available, and what is most important – get full maintenance service, having saved time and money.

Turkuaz Machinery Service Department has over 200 highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians in Almaty and at the regional branch offices.

Why us?

Warranty for machinery and equipment
We provide from one year a guarantee for our machineryand equipment
After sales support
We offer various options фор technical maintenance and repair
It is possible to purchase machinery and equipment to leasing
Warehouses and branch offices throughout Kazakhstan
Turkuaz Machinery has 17 warehouses all over Kazakhstan and major mining projects
Certified products
We provide certificates for our machinery and equipment
Over 600 employees
The business atmosphere and a stable team have become the guarantee of the quality work of the whole team
High qualified technical staff
We are constantly engaged in the development of our employees
Training center for customer’s operators and mechanics
The company regularly organizes trainings and seminars for the customer’s operators and mechanics
24/7 service availability
Your equipment will not be left without our attention
Top brands
We are the official dealer of the world's leading manufacturers of specialized machinery and equipment
Branch offices over Central Asia and Mongolia
All branches have local service centers and warehouses
Top supplier of specialized machinery
The focus area of Turkuaz Machinery is the supply of machinery and servicing of mining, oil and gas producing and construction companies in Central Asia
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