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Dear partners, customers, and entrepreneurs!

We have been working for you for more than thirteen years. Over this period we have become a major and competitive company and a market leader. Right management concept and our own proper business ethics play a crucial role in achieving of our company’s success, so that obtaining favorable results and self-actualization capability for each employee have become a fundamental premise of our personnel activity. Continuing professional development of our employees, business-friendly environment and low staff turnover ensure high-quality, effective and well-coordinated work of the whole team.

We see the business through the customer’s eyes.

Yours faithfully,
Civil Engineer
Acting General Manager

Turkuaz Machinery sees the business through the customer’s eyes.

Turkuaz Machinery is the leading supplier of specialized machinery in Central Asia. Turkuaz Machinery is a member of Turkuaz Group of Companies.

For 13 years of dynamic development Turkuaz Machinery has reached top quality marketing and service. Our customers enjoy a full range of equipment and services.

Turkuaz Machinery customers are the largest oil and gas, mining, construction, and agricultural companies in Central Asia.

Giving preference to our machinery, you may rest assured of reliable partnership at all stages of collaboration.

Extensive network of Turkuaz Machinery branches, representative offices, warehouses and after-sales service embrace the entire territory of Central Asia.

The experienced personnel of the company ensure smooth operation of subdivisions in compliance with international standards. Our specialists work with due consideration of the customers’ requests and specifics of a receiving country.

Turkuaz Machinery has 600 employees of various qualifications including 200 maintenance technicians working in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Central Asia.

Financial stability, strong business contacts, and well-considered business integrity are at our customers’ disposal.

Our company is always ready to provide a complete set of original spare parts for machinery maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

  • Experience
  • Goodwill
  • Infrastructure
  • Strong logistics network (import, distribution)
  • Advanced information technology
  • Warehouses and branch offices throughout Kazakhstan
  • Financial support for business promotion
  • Market research
  • Client meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Making deals
  • Logistics
  • Creative strategies
  • In-house training for TM Maintenance Technicians
  • In-house training for Machinery and Parts Sales Specialists
  • Customer trainings
  • Collection of materials and visual equipment for trainings